We offer multiple services tailored to suit the needs of our clients, everything from graphic design, social media custom content, responsive website design and more! 

Responsive Websites

We design mobile responsive websites that display well on mobile devices as well as desktop screens.

Facebook Business

Advertising your website and brand on Facebook is a absolute must, we help to get you there. From scheduled posts to page setups.

Website Performance

If you wait more than 3 seconds for your website landing page to load, you will loose possible clients. We make websites fast!

Vector Graphics

Everybody wants good looking graphics for their brand, we are affordable and quick to deliver.

Google Maps

You have to take photos of your business and list it on Google Maps, that way you can get clients to leave reviews and show other possible clients that your business is legitimate. 

Custom Content

For your website and social media online presence you should always use custom content of your own products and staff, this allows possible clients to see that you have a good client-base.

Mobile-Responsive Websites

Wevolution mobile responsive website design

When developing mobile-responsive websites we use the Bootstrap framework to create simple and elegant layouts that are easy to view on most mobile devices. By using this framework, we save time on development and ensuring that you see a larger ROI ( Return On Investment). Nowadays, most people browse the internet from their phones, making the mobile platform the most popular when it comes to browsing the internet. Failing to provide a mobile version of your website to Google will result in a penalty that will affect your website's Search Engine Ranking. Google rolled out a Mobile Update on 21 April 2015 called Mobilegeddon. This update ensures that mobile-friendly pages rank at the top of mobile searches, while pages not optimised for mobile are filtered out from the SERPs or seriously down-ranked.

Responsive websites designed to be fast and cross-browser compatible

How to tell if a website is mobile-responsive? A simple test is to open the website on a mobile phone browser and seeing if the website forces you to pinch-and-zoom to navigate, if this is the case, then the website is typically not mobile-responsive. Tablets and mobile phones with high-resolution screens are more commonly used to browse websites on mobile devices. When changing the view orientation from portrait to landscape, the website should adjust to the width of the screen. Ensure that your website displays neatly and professionally by allowing us to sort that for you.

Facebook Business

Wevolution social media marketing Facebook Business

The Facebook Pages have become far more complex than in the near past. Engaging with one's clients on a social platform holds many benefits and this makes the Facebook Business so important to have. Scheduled posts are very effective to stay active as a channel and keep your subscribers updated. Facebook business offers different business types, more specialised content to boost each respective type of business. Targeting your exact clientele is also something that Facebook Business does effectively.

Wevolution Facebook Business services

On the Facebook Business platform, you can reach more clients by using a popular social network platform. Facebook Pages are able to display your products through a shop interface, you can add video content, schedule posts that encourage viewers to call you directly and much more. Don't forget the insights that enable you to see in-depth demographics about who saw your posts, then being able to create more posts that your viewers would like to see. Advertising your business also opens up another avenue for possible clients to ask questions directly to staff at the business, helping you put more people in touch with your business and gaining revenue.

Website Performance

Website speed and performance wevolution

Why is website performance important? Well, the short answer is because we are impatient and prefer not to wait for websites to load. If a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, we tend to become distracted and impatient, often leaving the website to go elsewhere. With this said, it is also frustrating to wait for websites that take a long time to load, because it wastes our time. It should be safe to say that having a fast website is absolutely crucial when it comes to connecting a business and a potential client. A quick loading website gives the impression that the business will be quick to respond and fast in their completion of the transaction. The sooner all the elements on the screen has loaded, the better your brand displays.

Website performance increase by wevolution website design

A few things can be done to add to the performance of a website, mainly, it is important to know that having fewer assets to load, to begin with, this will greatly aid in speeding up a website. So the smaller the file sizes of images and fonts, also video, the better it is in general for the loading times. Less fancy images that waste download resources and more compression and minified code. There are certain websites that test to see why a website is slow, one of them is - go here and see for yourself what is slowing your website down. Once the issues have been addressed as to why a website is slow, it can be sped up dramatically, allowing your viewers to stay engaged in your specials and great offers.

Vector Graphics

Scallable Vector Graphics - Graphics services wevolution

Why are vector graphics so good to have on a website? Vector graphics allow you to use a scalable image format that will remove pixelation. This is especially nice to have for images that display differently on for example iPhone mobile phones to Android devices, iPhone uses Retina that pushes images twice the normal resolution to the browser (X2). Vector will deliver a crisp image no matter the resolution, that will look cleaner and neater than other images at certain resolutions. Having a cleaner website is one more step in the right direction to promote your business to the world. Almost all browsers support vector images nowadays, so this has become a standard in web image formats.

Logo Design - Business Cards wevolution website design

When it is possible for a brand to use the colours of their logo in their website, that makes the brand seem more professional. With vector graphics you can set the colours of images to be that of your brand while displaying crisp cleaner images. Vector graphics are also great when designing logos and for business card needs, adverts that use vector graphics also display neater and cleaner. The more attractive images on the web that are cross-browser compatible are more often than not vector based. Vector graphics are essential for printing purposes and it is advised to use them.

Google Maps

Google Maps Page Creation Wevolution website design

Google has become part of navigation and we are all familiar with Google Maps, these maps help us to traverse unknown destinations and allow us to gain some insight into what areas look like and what shops there are in certain places. We are able to look at what businesses look like without having to go there simply by going to Google Maps and typing in the name of the business, most of the time there should be images and reviews that clients have left. These are valuable to any business as this will assist a potential new client make the deciscion to visit your shop and likely support you. Often shoppers are not aware of the specials that are available and the products, with Google Maps Images you can allow people to see what your shop looks like and what is being sold there.

Google Maps Page Creation Wevolution website design

Google as a platform has enabled many businesses to gain through using their services, to also make use of Google Maps Images will benefit your business by promotion, answering questions that the public has, allowing clients to see your business hours, the contact details for your business including cellphone numbers, landlines, website, fax and email. The more images there are to engage the viewer, the better the chance of that person seeing something they want to purchase or service they may be interested in.

Custom Content

Custom content creation, images and video tailored to your business.

Tailored content has become something that every business can afford to make use of. Nowadays, many people use their cellphones to capture photographs and video to aid in the effort to promote their businesses. We no longer rely on expensive cameras and equipment as much as we've relied on them in the past. The value of having your own images taken with your own products and staff is something that will benefit almost any business. With technology evolving at rapid speeds, we crave to see more video content and images in HD that tell us more about a business. Tailored content will also grow your brand by promoting awareness to it, now you can use your logo in your photo posts or you can show your own products that you sell is displayed neatly in your cabinets, allowing people to see that personal side of your business will add value to your brand.

Custom images and custom video content for businesses.

Custom content that we create and help to create and edit are: Images (including png, jpg and svg), video content (for YouTube content), written copyright text and music. Those are the content types we currently supply clients. We will come to your place of business and capture images and video that can be used to advertise your business on multiple online platforms and websites. Custom images and custom vector designs including logos and adverts.