The Tale of a Small Nail Shop in Jozi

Years ago, I loved fake nails - I even tried to do it myself, so I found this small shop that sold everything you need to put on your own nail tips, gel, colours, sparkling stuff, & more. I remember thinking when I walked in there that they will probably not survive because their location is at the back of a small shopping strip & their signage is too small.

But I was wrong.

Today, five years later, this little nail shop is still going & it is going strong.

Here's what they are doing right:

  •  When I made my first purchase, they ensured that they captured my details. (e-mail, mobile number, birthday, area, etc)
  •  They offer training courses for the "I want to do my own nails" market. (A great value add)
  •  Once every two weeks, I receive an sms from them with some special or event, even though I am now more of an au-natural person & haven't bought something there in about 4 years. (Every time I receive one of these, I feel the impulse to go buy something from them though.)

They understand the power of their current base & have seen great success due to leveraging their data.

Whether you have 20 clients or 20 000; whether you are in manufacturing or own a restaurant, to get more out of your current clients, you only need:

  •  Proper client data
  •  Regular marketing campaigns
  •  Value added mindset to offerings
  •  Creativity

We can learn a lot from that little nail shop. They understand that Current Client Optimisationis not only about great service & client retention, but also about having a pro-active plan that brings your clients & your offerings together in such a way that increases both revenue & goodwill.

I think I'll go paint my nails now.

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