Getting back to B2B Marketing Basics

What is the answer to B2B marketing? Personally, I don't think anyone can give you a straight answer or pretend to know all the answers, but I do think that getting back to the basics can definitely be beneficial.

B2B Business Solutions for Marketing in South Africa

If you have the answers to below questions, you are already one step ahead to get to a strategy that will give you the competitive edge:

  •  How do clients find you?
  •  What is your value proposition - what makes you better than your competitors?
  •  Is your Corporate Identity easily identifiable & used throughout your business?
  •  What is the content/collateral that your clients & prospects mostly want or need?
  •  What is their roadmap/experience once they find you?
  •  What are the steps in the buying process & how easy is it to follow?
  •  What is the after-sales customer experience?
Women doing B2B Marketing

There are at least 8 to 15 questions underneath each of these 7 questions to get to the most comprehensive answer, but just getting main answers already goes a long way to seeing where you need to improve.

For example, have you considered being transparent when it comes to your pricing structure & publishing this on your website? According to a study done by UK company, BaseONE, they cited that publishing your pricing information is becoming increasingly important in the B2B sphere.

Businnes-to-Business Marketing solutions for your company in South Africa

For some companies this seems impossible, but we should learn from our brilliant B2C counterparts. If I plan to buy something online & there is no price on a website, I simply move on to the next website.

Sometimes it really is impossible to give pricing information due to pricing differences based on volume & area, but giving a 'from' or sample price is also a great idea.

Business to Business Marketing Concept in South Africa

What about your buying process? Is it a long, tediously drawn-out 18 month process? Then keep your clients engaged during this process. Remind them of the benefits of your service or product, make them part of the process & keep them interested every step of the way.

There has never been a clear cut way forward, but keeping your prospect needs in mind all the time must be your number one consideration to ensure your future success.

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